Avoid These Maintenance Mistakes To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners, like all home appliances and equipment, require proper maintenance to function properly throughout the year. A faulty and inefficient air conditioning unit can set you back a significant amount of money in electricity bills. You might also have to deal with expensive repairs and parts replacements. Moreover, you may not experience the much-needed indoor air quality and cooled air during the hot months.

Air conditioner maintenance isn't generally complicated. However, it's easy to make mistakes as a first-time AC owner. This guide will help you avoid this.

Neglecting Air Filters

Air filters are among your air conditioner's most critical components. They trap contaminants like allergens, dust and debris to ensure the cooled air being circulated in your home is of proper quality. Typically, as your air conditioning unit continues to run, the air filters continually trap these contaminants. Consequently, they may become clogged with these contaminants. Running your air conditioning unit with dirty and clogged air filters can impact your home's indoor quality and the system's efficiency. Therefore, it's imperative that you inspect your unit's air filters regularly and clean or replace them if dirty or clogged.

Overlooking Unusual/Strange Sounds

Your air conditioning unit will typically produce some sounds when it runs. However, it's critical to notice any unusual or strange sounds because these are often an indication of an underlying issue. Some of the unusual noises to watch out for include shrieking, rattling and hissing sounds. A shriek could be a sign of a problematic compressor. On the other hand, rattling noises may indicate loose components or debris within the unit, while hissing sounds may be a sign of a leak in your ducts or refrigerant lines. Ignoring these noises can result in more severe damage and expensive repairs.

Forgetting About The Outdoor Unit

Does your air conditioner have an outdoor unit? It's a critical part of your air conditioning system that houses vital components like the compressor, fan, fins and condenser coils. Unfortunately, it's easy to neglect the outdoor unit when it comes to maintenance. Cleaning the area around your outdoor unit, hosing it down to get rid of debris, straightening bent fins and etc. can go a long way in keeping your outdoor unit functioning efficiently. 

Disregarding Regular Tune-Ups

A regular maintenance schedule, also referred to as tune-ups, will go a long way in ensuring your air conditioner always runs efficiently. These tune-ups involve regular professional inspections to assess the health of your air conditioning unit. They can identify potential issues and prevent unexpected breakdowns and faulty issues, so remember to schedule these with professional air conditioning maintenance services.