Principles to Guide the Painting of Your New Home Build

Once the construction of your new home build is concluded, you start gearing up for the painting of the residence so that you can finally move in. Rather than simply select paint hues to add a pop of colour to your new residence, you should know that the colour scheme you choose will influence both the aesthetic value and character of the property.

Therefore, in addition to hiring a master painter to make the most of this project, you must keep some fundamentals in mind that will make sure the final look of your home is in alignment with your vision for your residence. It is worth noting that embarking on residential interior and exterior painting is much more than choosing your favourite colours. Here are some principles that can guide the painting of your new home build.

Determine how to maximise flow

Flow refers to the movement from one room to the next in your new home build. Traditionally, numerous homeowners have chosen to utilise different colour schemes in the various rooms of their homes in an attempt to delineate these spaces as much as possible. But this is not the only option to consider when painting your custom home. A different approach that promotes cohesion within the residence is to have one primary hue in mind that influences the shades in the different rooms.

For example, if your main colour is red, you can use an array of shades of this colour, such as coral, burgundy, maroon and more, to evoke varying moods depending on the room. Discuss with your painter contractor which shades will work best since the mood you would want in your kitchen will likely be different from what you would prefer in your bedrooms.

Be creative with colour organization

Another conventional standard that homeowners have adhered to for decades on end is colour placement. A typical home will have bold colours on the walls while the ceilings remain white. This can be credited to the fact that white is renowned for its reflective properties. Nonetheless, it is not a hard and fast rule that you need to follow. If you want to lend a unique aesthetic to your interiors, you should veer away from white ceilings and opt for a different colour scheme.

One colour organisation option you can consider is painting the ceiling the same hue as the walls. The painters can then break the visual monotony by using a contrasting colour for the moulding. Another option you can consider is painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls but in a lighter shade, which creates the illusion of the house having tall ceilings. For more information, contact a local painter.