Do You Need to Call a Fridge Repair Company?

Your equipment is at the heart of your commercial kitchen. It doesn't matter how talented the chef is, without the right equipment in the kitchen, no food can be prepared. An oven is essential to create the tasty dishes that your customers demand. More fundamentally, a fridge is vital to keep the food fresh both before and after preparation. Without the ability to keep food chilled, it would soon not be safe to eat. Caring for your kitchen equipment matters. If you notice a fault starting to develop with the fridge, you should call a commercial fridge repair company at once.

Call before a bigger problem shuts down the fridge and plunges your business into chaos. Here are three things that you should look for when you need a commercial fridge repair company.

1. Speedy response

Ideally, you should have refrigeration equipment checked regularly so that any problems are spotted before the unit stops working properly. If your fridge does suffer a failure, speed of response is essential. You may be able to transfer some food to a different fridge, but it's unlikely that you will have room for everything. You could suffer a substantial financial loss if the repair cannot be completed quickly. Ensure that any commercial fridge repair company can give you an expected arrival time and that they arrive when you are expecting them.

2. Available parts

Sometimes, a fridge can be repaired by a refrigeration engineer without any additional parts. However, most of the time, the failure will be caused by component failure. A good commercial fridge repair company will bring with them plenty of spares when they visit. If there are any parts that they don't have available, they should procure them quickly. Having a fridge that doesn't work for weeks could be a disaster for many companies. Whatever the model of your refrigeration unit, the repair company should not struggle to source the needed parts. Whether you need a full re-gas or an obscure washer to hold the unit together, look for a company with access to the right suppliers.

3. Professionalism

Reliability and experience are important qualities for any tradesman, but especially when vital equipment such as a commercial fridge has failed. You must be confident that the company you choose can supply an engineer with the knowledge and tools to complete the repair to a high standard and get your equipment running again.