All You Need to Know About Pergolas to Determine If This Structure Is Right for Your Backyard

A spacious backyard is a sought out luxury by many homeowners. So, if you do have one at your residence, you have a wide range of ways that you can enhance this area and make it an inviting part of your home. And one improvement that offers you a place to enjoy the weather or spend quality time with your spouse is a pergola!

Pergolas are highly functional for homeowners looking to construct an outdoor retreat that will provide them with privacy while protecting them from Australia's sweltering heat. But how do you know if this is the investment for you? Keep reading for a simplified guide on all you need to know about pergolas to determine if this structure will be a good fit for your backyard.

What makes a pergola different from other outdoor structures?

For you to distinguish a pergola from other outdoor living spaces, you need to know what it comprises. This structure is made up of four columns that are topped off by a lattice roof. Unlike other exterior structures, pergolas do not have any doors or walls. Instead, this structure is renowned for its ability to allows a breeze to circulate under it while still sheltering you from the elements. If you do want to enhance your privacy, you can opt for lattice screens on the sides to keep prying eyes away.

What advantages does a pergola offer?

There are numerous benefits you will reap when you enlist the services of pergola builders. For starters, this structure will obstruct the sun partially. Hence, you get to enjoy the illumination provided by the sun without having to contend with the radiant heat that comes with it. To make the most of this, you can have the pergola constructed beneath a shaded area, such as under trees.

The second advantage that a pergola offers enhanced kerb appeal. If your yard does not have any other decorative features, an intricately styled pergola would be a great way to change this. When well-executed, your pergola can function as an ornamental feature that can be accessorised with hanging plants, climbing vines and so on. Additionally, consider installing decorative lights inside and around the pergola, for example, fairy lights, uplights and pendant lights, to provide mood lighting while also functioning as illumination when you host guests at nightfall. 

What materials are pergola roofs made from?

In years past, timber was the go-to roofing material for pergolas, but this is not the singular solution anymore. Other materials that you can consider include vinyl, steel and even acrylic sheets.

For more information, contact a local pergola builder.