Construct Your Own Berth For The Upcoming Summer Months

Summer is by far the best time to get out on the water, and for those with a boat, it is probably the time you get the most use out of it. From the comfortable mornings great for fishing, to the lazy afternoons that are ripe for a midday nap, there is no better place to enjoy the new year period than on the water. Unfortunately, owning a boat can be very expensive, and mooring costs are often prohibitively expensive. However, by constructing your own berth, you can save money in the long run and enjoy your own private dock with your family and friends.


The first step you need to take, if you want any sort of marine berthing system construction, is to find out the relevant local applications you need to submit to the council or government. Waterfronts are policed quite strictly, even on rivers and inlets, which means you have to get permission in almost every case. Before you begin contacting any construction companies, you should start the paperwork as it can take a while. You will need to know roughly what type of marine berthing construction you are looking to build, so consider this when filling out the application.

The Different Types Of Marine Berthing System Construction

In general there are two main types of marine berthing systems: fixed and floating. Fixed marine berthing constructions are generally made of wood or cement and anchored into the ground, meaning they are not built to move. Floating berths are connected to the shore, but the actual marine berthing system construction is floating on the water. This is generally accomplished through pontoons, which can provide a similar quality to a fixed marine berth but at a much cheaper cost. Fixed berths are better for areas that have bigger waves, but floating berths are more suited to areas that have a bigger difference in tides. It all depends on your specific conditions.

Sheltered Berths

Another important decision you need to make is whether to have a sheltered marine berthing system construction or to leave it open. A sheltered berth is simply a berth that has a building built around it, allowing you to safely enter and exit the boat in whatever weather. Sheltered berths can also double as great storage places and workshops for all your boating needs, so while they may be more expensive, they provide more of an opportunity for you as a boat owner. In summer months, they can also be a great place to relax before or after a trip in the boiling sun.