When You Should Disinfect Your Commercial Well

Are you wondering about how you will keep harmful microorganisms out of the well that you intend to dig on your commercial property? Read on and discover some of the circumstances that necessitate a well to be disinfected.

After Construction

The process of well boring creates plenty of opportunities for microorganisms to get into the water that will be pumped for use in your commercial building. For instance, the boring equipment breaks into underground aquifers, and bacteria can find its way into those underground water sources. It is necessary to disinfect the well once construction is completed so that any bacteria that entered the well are killed. 

After Servicing the Well

Most commercial wells require regular servicing, such as changing the water filters. Such service sessions may also provide an opportunity for harmful microorganisms to enter the well as replacement parts are being fitted into the well. The well water is also agitated during maintenance works. That agitation can cause bacteria to get into the well from the surrounding soil. It is therefore necessary to disinfect the well so that the users of the water aren't put at risk.

After Positive Tests for Bacteria

It is usually advisable to test the well water on a regular basis, such as once or twice a year. The tests should include an investigation for the presence of Coliform bacteria. Any positive test for this family of bacteria may signal that other dangerous microorganisms could be present in that water. Disinfecting such a well after the coliform test can avert any infections or diseases that the users of that well water would have been exposed to.

The Presence of a Defect

It is also advisable to disinfect the well regularly in case it is discovered that the well has a defect, such as a crack in the wall, which can allow bacteria to get into the water. Such a well should be disinfected in accordance with the recommendations of health authorities or the well boring company until the defect is fixed.

It is advisable to contact experts for help in case bacteria keep showing up in the well water that is pumped to your commercial building. Those professionals will try to identify the specific source of the contamination, such as a collapsing septic system or defective sanitary seals in the well. An appropriate remedy will then be recommended before the well can be disinfected thoroughly in order to get rid of the contamination that has persisted.