Why Are Metal Roofs Popular in Australia?

Many people outside of Australian shores consider the metal-roofed dwelling to be the quintessential building design of the country. Although it is fair to say that this image is something that is out of character with the great Aussie cities—especially in the suburbs—in rural locations metal roofs continue to be popular and are often a true reflection of some genuinely Australian architecture. But, why are metal roofs so popular here when much of the rest of the world opts for different roofing systems for their dwellings?


In the heat of a typical Australian summer, roofs can take a great deal of punishment from the sun. A metal roof is designed to be very durable in the face of prolonged periods of sunshine, however. Additionally, many people don't appreciate just how tough these sorts of roofs can be throughout the colder seasons. Given that many locations in the country face extremes of temperature depending on the time of year, it may surprise you to learn that the longevity of metal roofing is a key factor in its popularity. It simply outlasts just about all other sorts of material. A well-installed metal roof can be fitted to any sort of building design and will last about five decades.

Keeping Cool

Durability in the face of the sun is one thing, but keeping the home beneath cool is another. Concrete or clay tiles, used extensively in Europe, actually soak up much of the heat of the day and retain it like miniature storage heaters. Unlike these roofing materials, metal roofs reflect heat away. Even when they are powder coated to provide a particular finish, metal roofing products tend to store very little heat energy. This means that homeowners with metal roofs can reduce their cooling costs by up to 20%, depending on the sort of air conditioning that is installed.

Home Security

An often underrated reason for installing a metal roof, compared with a tiled one, is that it offers improved security. For example, anyone attempting to enter the home via the roof line is not able to simply lift a sheet of metal as they would a tile. Furthermore, gaining unwarranted access via metal roofing is noisy and can be detected easily. Although few break-ins occur in homes due to access made through the roof, anyone planning on a fully secure commercial building should consider a metal roof before any other sort of material as the most protective choice for their premises.

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