Preventative Maintenance to Prolong Your Asphalt Driveway

Homeowners typically overlook driveways, as some people do not consider them to be a glamorous part of their home. However, just because it is primarily installed for functionality does not mean that you should get away with neglecting it. Not paying any attention to your asphalt driveway will not only make it become an eyesore, but it will also begin to prematurely deteriorate. Taking the time to carry out preventative maintenance measures can make the difference between having to pay exorbitant repaving costs down the road. So what are some of the preventative maintenance measures you can take to prolong the life of your asphalt driveway?

Ensure your asphalt driveway is cleaned thoroughly

Regular cleaning of your asphalt driveway by sweeping it is well and good for eliminating superficial dirt. However, you still need to take the time to carry out some deep cleaning so that that the surface of the asphalt is not compromised. One of the areas that you should pay attention to is any stains from fuel or oil leaking from vehicles. Despite being a sturdy material, the surface of the asphalt will eventually begin to deteriorate due to constant exposure to the chemicals contained in these oils and fluids.

It would be essential to have a degreaser at hand during the deep cleaning sessions to efficiently eliminate any oil stains from your driveway. By being proactive in the cleaning of your asphalt driveways, you reduce the chances of stubborn stains developing, and this will contribute to keeping your driveway appealing.

Ensure that repairs are carried out post haste

Although asphalt is durable, this does not make it immune to damages to its surface. This is especially true with older asphalt driveways that have been exposed to the elements, making them less elastic as they previously were. The decreased elasticity makes your driveway prone to fissures and cracks on its surface. Left unchecked, debris can make their way into these cracks, and they will begin to expand.

As water collects in the cracks and fissure, expansion and contraction due to changing temperatures will eventually cause potholes to form in your asphalt. If you spot the formation of any potholes, it would be prudent to address them post haste. Ensure the holes are cleaned out before you fill them with an aggregate mix. Alternatively, if you are not adept at DIY repairs, you should enlist the services of paving contractors before the potholes begin to spread.