Tips to Prevent Your Office Computers From Blowing Up

Almost every business relies on some sort of electrical equipment, at the very least to ensure work is completed fast and efficiently. But the use of electrical equipment presents a hazard that many people would like to avoid: electrical hazard. When using equipment powered by electricity, the risk of an electrical accident or injury occurring is always there. One of the main culprits behind the occurrence of electrical hazards is poor maintenance of electrical equipment. Usually, when a particular piece of current-carrying equipment is not correctly cared-for, it can act up, starting a fire or electrocuting someone in the process.

Computers are one of the most commonly used types of electrical equipment in modern-day offices. If you use these electronic devices in your workplace, here are a number of expert maintenance tips to ensure their safe use.

Keep your computers dust-free

The dust settling on your computers is unsightly, but it can also cause the equipment's cooling fans in the computer to become clogged. A clogged fan won't be able to draw much-needed cooler air into the interiors of the equipment from the surrounding environment. Hence, the equipment may easily heat up and act up. As a matter of fact, cooling fans clogged with dust are one of the most overlooked reasons why computers blow up. Use a clean piece of anti-static cloth to clean out the dust from your computer casing. For best cleaning results, you should dampen the cloth by soaking it in a solution of mildly diluted ammonia. Also, use an air blower to blow out any debris stuck in the air openings.

Watch out for liquid spills

Another enemy you should be mindful of when you are using computers is liquid spills. Sure, your employees may find it convenient to take a cup of coffee at their work desk as they finish up on some pending paperwork, but they may be oblivious to the danger that they can spill the beverage on the equipment and cause it to blow up.

Since it is basic knowledge that electricity and liquids do not mix, make it an office policy that food and beverage items should not be brought into or taken in the office. Instead, encourage your workers to make better use of the cafeteria by having their meals over there. This will help reduce incidences where an employee accidentally spills a drink over their computer.

For more tips and assistance with repairs or maintenance, talk with electrician companies like Multiple Trades & Maintenance.