First-time Buyers: Commonly Asked Questions on Building Window Tint to Help You Gain Insight

Having a thin film of tint on your glass windows is a good way of enhancing the aesthetic and functional value of the windows on your building.  You have many options at your disposal, and a quality service provider will provide you with various alternatives such as hybrid, dyed or metallic tint film for your windows to suit your needs. However, an important aspect that you should keep in mind is the regulations that have been instituted by local authorities or homeowners associations regarding the type of tint that you can use within that area. This will help you avoid unnecessary fines. If you want to install them for the first time, here are some of the commonly-asked questions about window tints films for your buildings to help you understand what you are buying:

What Should You Do Right After installation?

Once the tint has been set in place, you should give it time to cure. Preferably, let the windows lie still for a few days or be very gentle when opening or shutting them. This also applies to washing. A week or so should be enough before you can use a foam cleaner and squeegee to clean the tinted window. 

What Do the Percentage Ratings Mean?

Lighting remains an important consideration when you are installing tint on your building's windows. This is where the percentage rating on the window tint films comes in. Basically, this rating is an indication of how much light the tint film can let into the building. The lower the percentage rating the lower the amount of light the tint film can let through. For optimal results, study the configuration of your building to assess the nature of sunlight that each side of the building receives. Go for high percentage (as high as 60%) ratings for windows aligned towards mild morning and evening sunlight. On the other hand, windows that spend the better part of the day exposed to strong sun rays (midday and afternoon sunlight) should have tint films with low percentages. It can be as low as 10%. This is a perfect way to balance between lighting and tint rating.

Is the Hazy Look on the Windows Normal?

Yes. A hazy look on your windows rights after installation is perfectly normal. During installation, moisture can be trapped between the glass, and the amount varies according to how much water is present in the air around the windows. Just give the glass a few days for the moisture to evaporate and seep out of this space and the hazy look will be gone.