Trendy Kitchens | 3 Nifty Tricks To Turn Your Kitchen Splashback Into A High-Impact Focal Point

If you're bored of your old kitchen and want to find a way to spruce it up, then some small additions like a kitchen splashback can transform the space with the right decorative decisions. This guide offers you some nifty tricks to turn your kitchen splashback into a high-impact focal point.

Choose A Material That Stands Out In Your Kitchen

If you're looking to create a visually appealing focal point, then your first choice should be to choose a material that stands out and contrasts with other elements in your kitchen. For instance, if you have a lot of timber fittings, then a timber kitchen splashback will create a blending effect. But when you're trying to create a focal point, you'll want to create a contrasting effect. For the same kitchen with timber fittings, a mosaic tiled or mirrored glass splashback may be a more suitable choice to create a strong visual element. Similarly, exposed brick crafts a bold finish in a sleek, contemporary kitchen thanks to its contrasting visual appeal. These contrasting effects draw the eye towards them to transform your previously dull kitchen into an aesthetically pleasing new masterpiece almost instantly.

Let Texture Bring Depth And Character To The Space

Texture is a great way to bring depth and character to your kitchen space, while allowing your splashback to become the focal point of the room. A textured kitchen splashback brings added interest to the kitchen and is no longer an overlooked space. Introduce your own creativity to turn the splashback into a high-impact design element in your kitchen. For instance, pressed metal with rectangle or diamond-shaped textures can attract the attention of anyone walking into the kitchen. Similarly, carved timber or wave-shaped tile splashbacks can transform the look of your kitchen space almost single-handedly.

Go Bold With Colour For Eye-Catching Decorative Attraction

When you're looking to create a focal point, you'll want to choose a colour that draws the eye towards your kitchen splashback before all other elements in your kitchen. Instead of choosing a colour to match the rest of your kitchen décor, consider a distinctly unique and bold colour for eye-catching decorative attraction based on the existing colour of your kitchen. For instance, stark colours like red, green and blue will look especially impactful against white and neutral kitchens. You can even choose other bold colours; burnt orange and lemon yellow goes brilliantly against off-white and lighter coloured kitchens.

Use these nifty tricks to turn your kitchen splashback into a high-impact focal point.