Which Concrete Pump Is Suitable for Your Project?

Concrete pumps help to pour concrete within a short time. However, you need to select the correct type of concrete pump for your project if you are to enjoy the full benefits of that pump. This article discusses some varieties of concrete pumps that you can choose from for your DIY project.

Boom Pumps

A boom pump is also called a truck-mounted concrete pump. This pump has an articulating robotic arm that delivers the concrete mix to the desired location. The robotic arm can be controlled remotely.

This type of pump is ideal when you would like to pump large volumes of concrete within a short time, such as concrete pours done during winter. The robotic arm is also an asset when you would like to pour the concrete mix at a location that is elevated, such as a high-rise building. Minimal labour is required when you are using this type of pump.

The downside of these pumps is that one has to undergo some training in order to be able to operate the robotic arm safely.

Line Pumps

Line pumps are commonly called trailer or stationary pumps. These pumps are mounted on trailers. Steel or rubber hoses are then attached onto the pump so that the concrete can be delivered to a pour site. Extensions can also be added onto those hoses so that the concrete can be moved to a location that isn't close to where the trailer has been parked.

Line pumps offer great flexibility since the hoses can make their way around obstacles until they reach the pour site. However, they pour concrete at a slower pace in comparison to boom pumps. This slow pace makes them suitable for relatively small projects, such as pouring a concrete slab or sidewalk on your property.

Specialised Pumps

Specialised concrete pumps are designed to serve a specific purpose, such as pouring concrete in a tunnel. The pump is usually mounted on rails or skids depending on the requirements of the particular project for which the concrete pumping system was fabricated. This pump can deliver concrete at the same rate as a boom pump. However, specialised pumps are more costly to maintain because of their complex construction.

Consider the unique attributes of each of the pumps above in relation to your project before you select a specific pump to use. You may also consult concrete pumping experts for advice in case you need a more technical analysis of different concrete pumps that can be used during your DIY project.