How Should a Roller Garage Door Be Mounted?

Garage doors can be mounted in two different ways. First, they can be mounted behind the door opening. Secondly, they can be mounted in-between the door opening. This article discusses some of the factors that you should consider when choosing how your roller door should be mounted.

Opening Space Available

The dimensions of the garage door opening may influence how you mount the garage door. For instance, it may be unwise to mount the roller door in-between the door opening if the garage door is not much wider than your car. This is because the mounting mechanism of the door will reduce the actual width of the opening that is left once the installation is complete. It is better to mount the door behind the door opening so that the width of the garage opening is not affected.


Your personal preferences may also come into play as you choose a mounting style for the new roller door for your garage. For instance, you may not wish to see exposed bricks after the roller door has been installed behind the door opening. Another person may not mind having those bricks or concrete blocks exposed. Additional measures, such as using filler materials, can be taken to hide any materials that are exposed once the roller door has been installed behind the door opening. However, those filler materials may add to the installation cost of the roller door.

The Door's Tracking System

The specific type of roller door that you select may compel you to choose one mounting style instead of the other available option. For instance, a roller door may have a barrel motor that may make it very hard to install in-between the garage door opening. Another door may have a tube motor system that can be mounted either behind or in-between the garage door opening. You should therefore consider the tracking system of the particular door that you wish to buy before you select a mounting style for that roller door.

It is advisable for you to refrain from using your current car as a yardstick for determining how wide the garage door opening should be. This is because you may buy a bigger car several years later, and it will become hard for you to get that car through a garage door that was designed for your previous car. It may therefore be wise for you to use the mounting style that will have the least effect on the width and height of the garage door opening. The roller door supplier can help you to pick the right door for that purpose.