Six Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing Doors for Between Kitchens and Dining Rooms in Restaurants

Choosing commercial doors for the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen of your restaurant? Then, there are several ideas and features you should keep in mind. To choose the best doors, take a look at these tips:

1. Opt for double doors.

Double doors allow you to create a safe and easy flow in and out of the kitchen. Simply, people going in should always take one door while people leaving the kitchen should always take the opposite door. This helps to reduce accidents and collisions.

2. Think about windows.

If you only have room for a single door between your dining room and kitchen, make sure that it has a window. A window allows each party to see if someone else is coming. With a busy restaurant, people don't have time to stop, rap on the door and make sure no one is coming. They need a clear look into the room they are entering.

3. Remember style with windows.

Whether you have single or double doors, windows aren't just about function. They also enhance the style of your restaurant as well. You can opt for traditional galley-style round windows, or you can opt for something more unique. Consider square windows, a single circle that extends over two doors and joins in the middle, or a door with one half made into a window to mirror your open kitchen.

4. Keep hands free with swinging doors.

Your doors need to be able to swing freely. Your wait staff and table bussers are likely to be carrying trays full of food or dirty dishes when they use these doors, and they won't have a hand free to pull a handle. As a result, your staff needs to be able to open the doors with a bump of their hip or a kick of their foot.

5. Consider aluminium kickplates.

To protect the door from people opening it with their feet, install an aluminium kick plate. This protects hollow-core wood doors from being kicked in, and it adds an industrial flair. If you like, you can even have the whole door coated in aluminium.

6. Look into louvres.

In some cases, the hood fans in your kitchen are likely to remove too much air, and in these cases, you need a ready supply of return air. Your kitchen ventilation system should take care of most of this, but in some cases, it helps to allow air from the dining room to travel into the kitchen. To make this possible, look for commercial doors with louvred vents that you can open and close as desired.

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