How a Commercial Cleaning Company is Different Than Residential Cleaners

When hiring a cleaning company for your commercial facility, you may be tempted to hire the same company that cleans your house, or may see that some residential cleaners are more affordable than commercial cleaners. It may be true that a residential cleaning company might work for you if you just need light office cleaning that involves no more than dusting and vacuuming, but there are some good reasons to consider hiring a commercial cleaning company for any such work instead. Note a few important differences between these types of companies so you know the right choice for your commercial facility.

Office equipment

Chances are, your office has some equipment that needs to be cleaned or worked around that is not commonly found in residential homes, so residential cleaners may not know how to manage cleaning this equipment. In an office, your commercial cleaners will need to carefully dust around and behind computers and other such equipment, as they often collect large amounts of dust. In a warehouse or other such facility, cleaners will need to be able to clean under equipment that may drip grease and oil. A residential cleaner may not know how to manage this cleaning or have the right tools for cleaning around such equipment.

Areas that might be missed

A residential cleaning company might have a standard list of items they clean but even in an office, there are areas that need cleaning which they might miss simply because they don't manage such cleaning in homes. This might include the tops of cubicle walls or restroom partitions, the cradle and handles of phones, the tops of filing cabinets, and the like. A commercial cleaning company will be accustomed to having to clean these areas and items that aren't found in residential homes, so your facility will be more hygienic and more presentable.


Never underestimate how taking out the trash for a commercial company is different than removing residential trash; not only is there usually more trash in an office or other such facility, but your cleaners may need to remove metal scraps, sawdust, and other such items that are not found in a residential home. They may also need to have the ability to lift trash cans into a dumpster on your property. A residential cleaner may not know how to keep themselves safe when removing commercial type trash or may not want to remove your trash in your commercial facility at all.