How a Building Consultant Can Save You from Liability Claims

Do you own a newly built commercial property? Read on and discover why you should hire a building consultant before tenants move into that property. The building consultant may reduce the likelihood that liability claims will succeed against you later on.

Thorough Inspection

The building consultant can accompany you during the final walkthrough as the contractor is handing over the completed building to you. This consultant may draw your attention to some issues that you may not have noticed on your own. For instance, the contractor may notice that there is a high-voltage power line passing close to your property. That consultant can then recommend that you hire a radiation or electromagnetic inspector to ensure that your tenants will not be affected by the electrical fields from the power line. Experts can then institute measures to protect tenants from being exposed to electromagnetic fields that exceed safe limits.

Proper Documentation

The building consultant can also be instrumental in helping you to develop an appropriate record keeping system for your building. For instance, he or she may advise you to keep digital and hardcopy records of all your communication with a tenant for an extended duration once the tenant vacates the premises. Such an approach may ensure that you have evidence to shield you against any liability claims that a tenant can file regarding an issue that was amicably resolved, such as complaints about a water leakage.

Team Selection

Owners of commercial properties may lack the skills or experience to manage all the issues affecting their properties, such as handling tenant complaints about plumbing. It is therefore helpful to assemble a team of professionals to help you to manage the property. The building consultant can be instrumental in outlining which professionals are vital to the operation of your property, such as electrical and plumbing technicians. That consultant can also help you to interview different individuals so that you select the best for the roles available.

Tenant Screening

You may be unable to hire a property manager before tenants move into the commercial property. It may therefore be your duty to screen potential tenants before they sign leases for sections of your property. A building consultant can help you to identify potentially problematic tenants that shouldn't be allowed to rent your premises. For instance, he or she can advise you to avoid applicants who keep raising cost issues (applicants who insist on getting excessive discounts on the rent, for example). This advice can help you to avoid tenants who will find it difficult to make rent payments in time.

As you can see, a building consultant can provide invaluable help to you even after the construction of your commercial building has been completed. You should therefore ensure that you have one by your side, such as those found at Building & Project Services Pty Ltd, so that you avoid being dragged to court over an issue that could have been avoided.