Options You Can Consider For Floor Truss Systems

For your home to be sturdy and secure, it needs a reinforced support system. Some people tend to think that this support system is simply in the form of the home's foundation. Although the foundation is crucial for the structure, it also needs other support systems known as trusses. Trusses are typically used to provide support for roofing and flooring. The floor trusses that you install will have a significant impact on the quality of your flooring. This is especially true on hardwood floors, which can easily succumb to disrepair without the appropriate support. Floor trusses can also function in reducing the vibrations that spread through the home due to heavy foot traffic. The following are some of the options that you can consider for your floor truss systems.

Parallel floor trusses

These are one of the more common floor truss systems used in this day and age. They tend to be simple in nature and do not need too many materials to assemble. These floor trusses get their name from how they are assembled in the structure. They are made up of parallel beams that are installed to provide adequate support for the flooring that will be laid atop of them. It should be noted though that the simple nature of these trusses does not make them suitable for expansive flooring.

They are better suited for smaller structures that will not experience heavy foot traffic, as they are not designed to support a considerable amount of weight. In addition to this, you should ensure all heavy furniture items are evenly distributed on the flooring so as not to expose the parallel floor trusses to disproportionate weight. Uneven weight distribution can cause parallel floor trusses to acquire premature damage, which can lead to your floor sagging in some areas.

Pratt floor trusses

Pratt floor trusses are one of the oldest truss systems that have been used in construction. The initial installation of a pratt truss system is almost the same as the parallel truss system. This is because installation starts off with parallel beams being installed in place. Once the parallel beams have been installed, the contractors will then reinforce them to create additional stability and support for the flooring. This is done by the installation of diagonal beams between the parallel beams of the pratt floor trusses.

In the end, the pratt floor truss system is much more durable as well as stronger when compared to the parallel truss system. It should be noted though that this additional reinforcement of the pratt truss system makes it a more expensive option to consider. This is because it will require significantly more materials than their parallel truss system counterparts. For more information, contact companies like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd.