What to Ask a Potential Mining Transport Company

Mining transport is a bit different than the transport needed for other materials and industries; transport for the mining industry usually means hauling raw materials or delivering gasses and other such items that are not normally managed by a standard freight company. If this is your first time hiring a mining transport company, you need to ensure that you hire the right company for the goods you'll need transported; even though a company may advertise as a mining transport company, this doesn't mean they can manage your needs. Note a few questions to ask so you know you hire the right company and don't face any surprises.

Ask what they consider to be hazardous goods

There may be some materials to be moved that are obviously hazardous, but what you consider to be hazardous may not be the same as a transport company. For example, some materials may release gasses when harvested that make them dangerous, or certain materials may be a risk when on the road because they may cause sparks during an impact; if you've ever hit two rocks together and created a spark, then you know how easily that can happen when transporting certain types of rock or gravel. Be sure you have a list of what a mining transport company considers hazardous and if there are added fees for certain materials or if they simply cannot transport certain items at all.

Ask if they also offer crushers and other heavy-duty equipment

Being able to hire out the crushers, dozers and other earthmoving or heavy-duty equipment you need from your transport company can make it easier to manage all the work you need done. A crusher can help to reduce the load that will be transported so you might have a lower cost from the company, and having the earthmoving equipment you need provided by the same transport company can mean easily arranging your schedule of when these materials will need to be transported, as they can handle both the excavation and removal of materials for you.

Always note if they have a set schedule for transport

Because of distances that may need to be traveled for mining transport between a mine and a dumping ground or refinery, a transport company may have a limited schedule for this transport. They may also need to take certain routes to avoid low overpasses or because their trucks are not allowed on certain roads. Be sure you understand these potential limitations and note them ahead of time so you can choose a transport company that will work easily with your schedule.