Reasons to Use a Metal Carport

If you don't have room in your garage for your vehicle, you might want to keep your car protected from the elements with a carport. There are different materials to choose from for the carport, from wood to aluminum. Metal is a popular material for carports due to the following benefits.

Metal is a Durable Material

When you select metal for your carport, you are choosing one of the strongest and long-lasting materials available. With metal, you don't need to seal the surface to avoid rotting or mould growth, and you don't have issues similar to aluminum, where it is light and easily bends or dents. Most metal carports will be very well made and durable enough to handle the various weather elements and conditions. This is the perfect way to provide protection for your car.

It is Safer to Have Near Your Home

You should also consider the risk that the carport poses just by being next to your home. For example, if you choose a wood carport, and that carport is not sealed properly, you could attract wood-boring insects like termites. This in turn could cause those termites to find the wood on your main home's structure once they're done with the carport. The same can be said for potential fires. Carports made of metal are fire-resistant, so you don't run the risk of the carport starting on fire, which could then extend to your home.

It is More Affordable

It might seem like due to all of these benefits, metal carports would be more expensive, but the opposite is often true. The most expensive carports tend to be those made of wood, though this does depend on a number of things. If you choose a prefabricated metal carport, it is bound to be less expensive. However, if you want one that is custom-made, expect to pay a little more. However, the prefabricated ones are a great choice because they still come in different varieties. They are able to fit one or two cars side-by-side, as well as provide protection for any other items needing to be stored.

If you do want your carport to be custom-made, speak to a contractor. They will give you the different options available and provide more information about the advantages of choosing one made of metal. They can even make a carport with doors that close, so that if it is used for storage instead of parking vehicles, you can lock up items.