Three Ways Bed Boring Services Can Help as You Build Your Tiny Home

If you are building a tiny home in your yard, in a remote site or in many other locations, you may want to use bed boring to help bring services to your tiny home or to support other elements of your building process. Bed boring can be helpful in a number of ways. Here's a look at how it may benefit your project.

1. Small machines for easy access

If you are putting up a tiny home in your back garden or out in the middle of a forest, your building site may be small, and that can make it challenging to get heavy machinery such as diggers onto your building site. Luckily, bed boring equipment is truck-mounted, and it can be mounted on a relatively small truck that is easy to get into a tight corner.

2. Boring for utility access

Bed boring can be used for a number of functions, but it can be especially helpful for bringing access to utilities to your tiny home. In particular, if you are building in a relatively remote location and all of the power and sewer lines are on the other side of the road from your building site, a bed boring machine can safely tunnel under the road without damaging it.

The machine simply uses a rigid rod to bore through the bed of rock and material underneath the road. Once the hole is made, the pipes or wires can be laid through the hole, connected to utilities on the other side of the road and finally connected to your home.

Similarly, imagine you are building a tiny guest house next to your home and you want to bring utilities to your tiny home. However, there is a driveway or a walking path in between your home and the tiny home. To connect your tiny home to your big home's plumbing or electricity, you can also use a bed boring machine to tunnel under those areas.

3. Boring for stumps

In most cases, bed borers bore horizontally under roads or other obstacles, but you can also use bed boring equipment to drill vertical holes as well. If you plan to support your tiny home on stumps due to uneven ground or threat of flooding, you may also want to use a bed boring equipment for that job.

The boring equipment works through obstacles to create a hole. Then, you plant in your stump and surround it with cement to hold it in place. Boring is particularly necessary if you have to dig through a lot of rock.