DIY Tips for Erecting Construction Props

Construction works require numerous tools and equipment to carry out the duties needed in a project. Some of the most crucial tools are construction props. Construction props are temporary steel supports used to give support to a building or sections of it during construction. If you are undertaking a domestic construction project, you certainly need props to prevent parts of the building from crumbling during the process. If it's your first DIY project and you have not used props before, read on to find out how to erect them correctly and safely.

Get the right construction props

Before commencing your project, you should have the right construction props. Props are made out of steel, but they come in different sizes and weight capacities. Determine the amount of weight they will be supporting on each section, and get ones that can handle the load. Also, determine the maximum size from the ground to your structure's roof. It is ideal to get adjustable props as you can adjust their height depending on your construction needs. If you are unable to estimate height and weight load, you can get an engineer to do it.

Safety considerations

Many things can go wrong during a construction site. Structures can cave in, or materials can fall from a height and injure workers. You can even get an injury from incorrect use of machinery. Wrongly installed props can also cause accidents on the construction site. To avoid this, ensure you adhere to the following safety measures:

•    Stay clear of overhead wires when installing props. Contact with electric wires can result in an electric shock.

•    Don't exceed load limits on each crop as the structure may cave in or collapse.

•    Install props on level ground to ensure stability. If the ground is not level, use steel sole plates to spread the load.

•    During vertical installations, make sure the props are upright and not leaning to one side.

•    Use screw jacks to lower and raise the construction props under the structure, but don't use them to adjust the structure itself.

•    Use appropriate protective gear during the process, e.g. face shields, safety glasses, hard hats, work boots, and gloves.

Installation and removal

Depending on the manufacturers, construction props may come with different installation and removal instructions. Always go through the manual if you are not sure of their installation. Also, ensure that they are erected on level ground, and are properly tightened to prevent movement during construction. If the props get damaged, don't use them again as they can compromise your safety and the stability of your structure.

Care should invariably be observed when working with construction props. Any blunders can get you at risk or injury, or compromise your project.

For more information about using Acrow props, contact a local equipment company.