How to Get Your Yard Ready For a Patio

If you want to have a patio installed in your backyard, you will first need to get the yard ready. This includes deciding where the patio will go and doing some mild landscaping to prepare the ground for the concrete or other patio materials.

Section Off the Area For the Patio

The first thing you need to do when you are going to have a patio installed in your backyard is decide where it will go. You need to consider the overall size of the patio based on how much space you have in your yard and what your needs are for the patio. Take measurements so you have a big enough patio for a barbeque area, a seating area and a place to hold your storage shed if you want it on a concrete slab. Once you know the size, you can start sectioning off the area. As you do this, look closely at what is in the ground. You don't want to have any issues with sprinkler heads or other utilities when installing the patio. Take stakes to place in the ground around the perimeter of where the patio will go so you have a guide when you start preparing the yard.

Clear Out the Area

Now that you know where the patio is going to be placed, you can start clearing the area. If you have grass in the area, you will need to pull that up first. It is easier to remove lawn when it is moist, so try to wait for a heavy rain. If there is no rain in the forecast, you will need to do some deep watering first. Once this is done, you can dig it out with a shovel or use a sod cutter if you have artificial turf. This will help you remove large strips of the sod at a time. Once you remove all lawn or turf, you will then need to start pulling weeds and removing rocks, branches or other debris.

Add Your Patio Base

With no debris left, it is time to start leveling out the ground to begin your patio base. This is called grading, and it can often be done with nothing more than a sturdy rake. You can also consult a contractor if you think there are issues with how level the ground is. When it is nice and level, you can start to add the base of the patio. This includes adding a layer of gravel or rock that has been crushed. Make sure the gravel is also in an even layer and is a few inches thick. Use a shovel to make sure the gravel is compacted tightly for the patio base. Once this is done, your yard will be ready to have the patio installed.

After your patio is installed, you can think about adding extras. You may want to consider a pergola covering or a gable patio.