Why Tiles are the Perfect Choice for Bedroom Flooring

Tile is a staple material used for flooring in homes across the world, but tiles are predominantly used in kitchen and bathroom spaces. This is because they are very resistant against heat and moisture—ideal for kitchens and bathrooms—but tiles are more than just functional in more spaces than these. They actually have a range of qualities that make them perfect for bedroom floors. If you are looking for an alternative to carpet or hardwood floors, here's why you should seriously think about investing in tile. 

It lasts much longer than carpet. Carpet is a popular choice in the bedroom, and yes, it can feel soft and luxurious underfoot, but that soft feeling isn't going to last forever. In fact, some carpets in the marketplace will only last between one and five years. Just because the bedroom isn't a room that gets as much tread as the kitchen, this doesn't mean that you want flooring you'll have to replace a few years down the line. With tiles, however, the hard surface takes a much longer time to wear down, and you could even find that it lasts for decades.

The perfect material for the Australian heat. Your choice of bedroom flooring will also depend greatly on the climate where you choose to live. In many parts of Australia, there is intense heat in the summer, and the insulating properties of carpet will only add to the heat you experience at home. Tiles, however, tend to stay cooler, so that you can jump out of bed and place your feet on cool tiles in the middle of the summertime. Some varieties of wood can also bend and buckle when exposed to extreme heat, but that's something you won't have to worry about with tiles.

You have so many aesthetic options! Tile is not just the functional choice—you can get really playful, creative, and innovative with your flooring design when you choose tiles. Tiles are not only sold in a huge variety of colours and patterns, but you can create your own designs by mixing and matching different kinds of tiles to create your own pattern on the bedroom floor. If you have a creative streak, this is something that you can design yourself, but you could also hire an interior designer to help you with the project, and the result would be a totally unique bedroom floor that nobody else in the world would have.