Home Improvement Projects You Should Never Start Without a Land Survey

Homeowners often don't think they will ever need a land survey done, as they already own the property and may be accustomed to mowing to a certain line they assume is their property boundary. However, even if you think that you know the boundary of your property, there are many home improvement projects you should never start without first having a land survey done, and not just because of boundary lines and neighbors. Note a few of those here.

1. Before installing a new driveway

It's never good to install a new driveway where it might encroach upon a neighbor's property, even if it will only cause you to step on their grass when you exit your vehicle. It may sound small, but neighbors often prefer that you respect their space, even patches of lawn that are close to your driveway. A survey can tell you how to install a driveway so that there is plenty of room left over between the concrete and your property boundary. 

You also want to have a survey done to ensure the property is graded properly for the pouring of concrete; it might be good to have the soil somewhat graded so moisture runs off the concrete and doesn't pool underneath it, causing cracks. A surveyor can tell you the exact grade of your property and if this should be addressed before the job begins.

2. Before irrigation or digging

A surveyor can note if there are underground power lines, cables, pipes and other materials that may have been overlooked by your city when you ask them to mark your property. They can also note if tree roots or other such landscaping features would interfere with your irrigation or digging project so that you can plan it accordingly.

3. Before removing a tree

A neighbor may be concerned about tree branches hanging over their property and ask you to have the tree removed. If the branches are over their garage or home then it's obvious that the tree is encroaching on their property, but if the tree is near an unmarked boundary to your property, you may want to have a land survey done first. It may be that the tree is not actually hanging over your neighbor's property and is simply close to the property lines, meaning it should be of no concern of theirs. Or it may be that the tree is actually on their property, so they should be the ones to deal with it. Before you remove anything from your property at the request of neighbors, have a survey done to ensure you know whether or not something on your property is actually encroaching on their property.