Common Misconceptions About Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs help to hoist or lower automatic garage doors each time you open or close the door. Garage doors can have one or two springs, depending on the particular door design you select. However, many misconceptions exist regarding garage door springs. This article discusses some of those misconceptions. Use this information to separate fact from myth as you make your garage door purchasing decisions.

Single Springs Don't Last As Long as Dual Springs

Some people mistakenly think that two springs will last much longer than a single spring. This is not true. What is true is the fact that heavy garage doors have two springs while lighter doors have one spring. The decision to have one or two springs is based on the weight of the garage door rather than on the expected lifespan of the springs.

 A Second Spring Acts As a Backup

Another common misconception that people have is that a second spring on a garage door acts as a backup in case one spring fails. To such people, you can continue using your garage door opener if one spring is broken. This is wrong because the door was installed to operate via two springs. Continuing to open it when one spring is not working will cause the second one to fail, in addition to putting a lot of stress on the side of the door with the functional spring since that side will carry more weight in order to lift or lower the door. If your garage door has two springs and one fails, immediately replace both springs to avoid damage to other parts of the garage door.

It is Wasteful to Replace Both Springs If One Fails

Some people think that it is unnecessary to replace both springs when only one has failed. This is wrong because adding a new spring alongside an old one will result in the new spring working more smoothly than the old one since it has not undergone the same extent of stress. The result is that the garage door may open unevenly due to unequal reaction of the springs to the weight of the door. You will also incur higher installation costs since the older spring will soon fail, forcing you to buy a replacement for it as well.

Always try to establish the authenticity of information before you act basing on that information. For instance, garage door suppliers, such as Best Doors, can be an invaluable source of authoritative advice instead of relying on neighbors or friends who lack technical information about garage door springs.