Quick Temporary Fixes For Plumbing Leaks

A leak in the plumbing system can cause extensive structural water damage in your house if the problem is not dealt with immediately. It is important for you to contact an emergency plumber as soon as you notice the issue for repairs. Unfortunately, this course of action may not always be viable due to financial constraints, location of the home and the timing. You should learn how to fix simple leaks in case of extenuating circumstances. The temporary repairs should limit water damage and acceleration of damage in the plumbing system until the professional arrives to provide proper servicing. Here are some simple and quick ways to temporarily stop leaking.

Plumber's Epoxy

You can repair most types of pipe damages with plumber's epoxy resin putty, regardless of the structural material. If you execute the fix properly, the repaired pipe will remain strong for a relatively long period. Shut off the water supply and prepare the damaged area by drying off the water and cleaning off the grime. Obtain a piece of the epoxy, large enough to cover the leak. Knead the putty with your hands until it is pliable and then place it over the hole. Press it down gently and smooth the outer edges of the patch onto the pipe. Finally, wait for the epoxy to cure for the time indicated on the package before turning the water supply on.

Rubber Patch

If you do not have epoxy putty, you should consider using a rubber patch to stop the leak. Cut a piece of sturdy rubber or neoprene material; it should be enough to cover the pertinent hole or fissure. Smooth out the rough edges of the damage on the pipe with a file. This will prevent the tearing of the patch which would be detrimental to the fix. Place the patch carefully over the hole and hold the rubber in place using a hose clamp. Make sure that the clamp screws are secure to make the fresh seal watertight. You can also use a section of your garden hose as a patch, if you do not have rubber or neoprene fabric.

Pipe Repair Tape

You can purchase pipe repair tape from local hardware stores in case of an unforeseen leak. This wrapping material is designed to harden after application so it can be used on holes and even cracks. Clean the pipe surface and dry the area to promote adhesion. Then wrap the repair tape around the damage. Ensure that the wrap is firm and secure. Contact emergency plumbers in your area for more advice.